Fall 2019 Update: Schedules, Budget, WishList, Fundraising, A Look At Spring and more.

Thanks to everyone who attended this evening.  We are off to a great start. Here is a summary of the main points from the meeting on August 12, 2019:

We exist to build a community dedicated to supporting our boys and coaches by raising funds and volunteering.


The PSD athletic fee of $157 this year goes toward busses, umps, a scorekeeper, and stipends for coaches for spring season only. That fee is paid by players of each sport and prior to spring tryouts.

The spring fee will be on School Pay after January and that will need to cover about $11,000 of expenses including hats, new jerseys, batting practice mats, batting tees, baseballs, and field maintenance including a backstop and clay for rebuilding mounds.  Fees will be $225 or less depending on wishlist items donated. Wishlist items will be on our website.  Fees from School Pay go into a PSD PSA account managed by PSD.

Spring ball will have required player uniform items to purchase including helmet, pants, socks, belt and more.

Fundraising dollars go into our Wells Fargo account where we can choose to buy what we want. Anticipated wants we’d like to buy are tarps and an iPad to live stream games as well as a batters eye, bands, and a new pitching machine.

Summer and Fall Ball are run through FCBC and those fees go toward paying their fees.


We not only want to raise money from within but we’d like to capture money in the community. Check our website for the following fundraisers at this time:

  • Spirit wear sales-the portal is open for the next ten days. $5 on each item will come back to our program. Delivery is the first week of September.
  • Sticker sales-$5 stickers and we make about $4.75 off of each one.
  • Banner sales-find a business who wants to advertise on our fence! 
  • Snack shack sign up genius for fall ball games
  • Restaurant fundraisers donate as much as 20% back to our program-Domino’s is in September! Fuzzy’s in October.
  • Picture sales in the spring will raise money for our program as well.
  • Future fundraisers being considered are a homerun derby, a camp for elementary-aged players, and Subway cards

Our website will be kept up to date. Email any board member with feedback, questions, or comments about anything. We are here to help! Shannon Hixon is your contact for banner sales and Crissa or Nancy will be your contact about sticker sales. Please contact any of us if you wish to donate anything on our wishlist.

All things Fall Ball please email Coach Masi at:  fossilbaseball@psdschools.org

Thanks for supporting Fossil baseball! Go Ridge!

Your booster board