Letter from Coach Masi

To The Fossil Baseball Family,

We are experiencing something that none of us in our life’s ever have, with this Coronavirus. It is difficult to understand how we are going to move forward. However, as of today we are still planning on having some sort of summer season. When that might start and how the might look are questions we don’t have answers too at the moment. The plan is still to have an upper team play for USA Prime and the “B” and “C” teams play for Fossil Ridge. Once I get further information I will be posting it here on the website. For now, I hope you and your family’s all stay safe and healthy? Remember we are ALL in this together and we will fight it together. Stay strong.

As always, any questions please let me know.

Scott Masi
Head Baseball Coach
Fossil Ridge High School

PS – I have proposed to the other area high schools some sort of tournament later on this spring or early summer so our Seniors could play together one more time. Once we know that the virus is no longer a threat, we will try and lockdown details about how this tournament might look. Hopefully, we will be able to pull this off??

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