Spring Season Update

Snack Shack Volunteer Opportunity

Below is a link to the Sign Up Genius to help run our snack shack during games.  Please consider running the concession stand. It brings in a lot of revenue and is a nice shelter to watch the game from! For the doubleheaders you could sign up for the game during when your son is not playing. It will be stocked.  It’s so easy to do and a great way to give back to the program! 


Spring Fees

Fees have been loaded on your School Pay account if your son made the team. Please pay the fees before the first game of the season.  This is a required fee for this sport.   If your son did not make the team, you should get a refund from the initial cost of tryouts. Please let Ann Alfonso know if you’d like to be deleted from this list. 

Banner Fundraiser

Please encourage any business you know to consider buying a banner. It’s not too late to get them made for the spring season!  We need them this week! 

Team Parent or Photographer Volunteer Opportunity

Please let any board member know if you’re interested in being a team parent coordinating communication with your team-then you won’t have to get so many emails from Ann!  We need team photographers as well! 

Thanks for your support. Go Fossil! 

-Your Booster Board