Summer Baseball Update 5/30/20

Families of High School Summer Players,


We hope you are doing well and staying well.  Thank you for your patience, kindness, and positivity as we all await guidance regarding next steps.  Whatever mixture of confusion, calm, stress, relaxation, fear, hope, anxiety, or irritation you might feel, we understand.

Important:  we do not have the “green light” for practices yet.  It sounds possible that we might get approval to practice in the (very) near future, so we are starting the paperwork process now to be better prepared to help the kids get safely back on the ballfield.  Do not start practicing yet.  FCBC will notify Coaches when we are cleared to practice.

Among the elements we are required to implement is education regarding protocols — that is part of this sign-off.

Click Here to complete the Two-Step Sign-Off for your player(s), which includes an Acknowledgement of Protocols and a Liability Waiver.  This is a simple, quick process that includes important information.

Before you practice, you will be required to complete the Sign-Off.  Any player who has not completed the Sign-Off will not be allowed to practice/play.  Please take care of this now so we can be ready when given approval to practice by Larimer County / State of Colorado.

FCBC and our Coaches feel a strong mixture of responsibility to handle unique circumstances very well and excitement to get kids back on the ballfields in a safe way.

Thank you for being part of the FCBC Family.  Please complete the Sign-Off now!

Thad Anderson

Executive Director

Fort Collins Baseball Club

P.O. Box 1031 80522 * 211 S. Bryan

Work: 970-484-3368 * Fax: 970-484-6231

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