Summer Letter from Coach Masi

To All,

I want to update you all on what the Summer 2020 baseball season is going to look like. After looking at many options, we have settled on the following for Summer 2020.

 1: USA Prime, this will be for the top players, mostly 2021 Seniors and possibly any outstanding under classman. The coaches for this team will be Ben Furtner and Bret Bogner. The team will be determined by USA Prime staff. The cost for this program is going to be between $1700-$2500? The final costs will be communicated once determined. Games and Tournaments have yet to be determined. This team is set up to play a competitive schedule with maximum exposure to colleges. They will play tournaments from the end of May until the end of July. They will be traveling out of state 2-3 times. The players on this team with do some fundraising to lower their costs. The fundraising has not been determined yet. Practice times and places have yet to be determined.

2. Fossil Ridge will be having a B and C team for Summer 2020. The B team will be made up of mostly 2021 Juniors and some Sophomores. These 2 teams, at this point, will be playing in the NCBL League for Summer 2020. This league plays games on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Tuesdays are doubleheader at the home team field and Wednesday in a single game against the same opponent. So, if we’re playing Loveland at home Tuesday for a doubleheader, then Wednesday is a single game at Loveland.  The games times are usually 3:30/5:00pm on Tuesday and 5:00pm Wednesday. By playing in this league it frees up more time for practices and tournaments. For the B team 3-4 tournaments are the norm and the C team 2-3 tournaments are the norm. For the most part, these tournaments are in state, although Cheyenne puts on a tournament and they are technically out of state. The coaches for these teams are former Fossil players back from college and possibly some spring coaches as well. Usually, the costs for these teams as been around $1200 or lower. Practices for these teams will be determined by the coaches. More information on B/C summer teams will come around April sometime.

So, as you can see, we here at Fossil have some options to choose from for playing Summer 2020 baseball. We know that we can’t please everyone but hope that the above gives you some option that would fit your needs. We also know, that some of you have already decided to play for other clubs summer 2020. If you are one of those, good luck with your Summer 2020 Season. All I ask of you is to let me know who you are playing for and a schedule once you receive. I’d like to possibly get out to see you play.

Furthermore, if you do play club in the summer, I would hope that you would return to play fall baseball for Fossil Ridge, especially underclassman but understand if that doesn’t work for you.

Reminder Spring Baseball starts March 2, 2020

As always, if you have any questions please contact me at my email address:

Go Ridge!


Scott Masi
Head Baseball Coach
Fossil Ridge High School

PS – Morning workouts will start January 8, 2020 at 7am in the main gym.

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